A01 Vegetable Samosa $5.75
Vegetarian turnovers stuffed with potatoes, peas, spices and served with tamarind chutney

A02 Papadam $2.49
Thin crispy lentil wafer.

A03 Vegetable Pakora $4.99

Onion, potatoes, mixed Vegetables coated in spicy lentil batter and fried.

A04 Chicken  Pakora.   $5.99

Chicken coated in spices lentil batter and fried.

A05 Fish Pakora. $6.99

Fish coated in spices lentil batter and fried.

A06 Papadam  Chana Chaat. $6.49

Crispy wafer, garbanzo beans, yogurt, onion, mint chutney, tamarind.

A07 Samosa Chaat.$7.99

Vegetable samosas mixed with garbanzo beans and topped with mint chutney, tamarind,

yogurt, onion, and tomatoes.

A08 Edamami.$4.99

Boiled Soy Bean



What is
Indian Food 

Indian food has evolved over the last more than a thousand years on the Indian subcontinent. It is hence a byproduct of embracing numerous cuisines from around the world while keeping the centuries old Indian traditional taste at its core. Indian cooking has taken the delicate and often intricate art of blending spices and honed it to perfection. They contains perhaps the most dazzling array of fresh vegetables and fruit cooked in a multitude ways in order to keep their natural freshness and nutrients intact. Indian food almost always uses fresh and raw ingredients, which involve preparing from the scratch with limited or for most of part no preservatives which are not only healthier but also rich in taste. Indian cookeries contain many spices such as Turmeric, Ginger, Garlic, Green Chilies and a wide array of herbs with high medicinal and healing powers.

About Us
The High Peaks Kitchen is a family and employee owned business. Having been exiled from Tibet, all of our team members have experience in diverse culinary backgrounds from our upbringing in India. This is how High Peaks Kitchen came to serve Indian foods.